Barbara Janman was born in Black Diamond, Alberta, a few years after the Second World War, then raised on the family homestead in Southern Saskatchewan.  Growing up during that time of discovery and innovation, an attitude of opportunity and persistence was instilled in her. Her mom always said “If you want to – you will!”  So, Barb does just that.

Her introduction to the arts came from Mrs. Cornelsen, her grade 8 art teacher in rural Saskatchewan.  Barbara’s interest in artistic creation has taken many forms over the years.  In the 1970’s, oil painting classes and landscapes took centre stage, then textile work, quilting creations and some haute couture sewing were next.  These were hobbies Barbara enjoyed while raising her family.  

Being creative seems to apply to all areas of Barb’s life!   In 1987 she started her company, Friday Professional Group Inc., a leading Human Resources staffing company in Calgary.  Joined by her husband, Bill and her daughter, Leslie, the business became very successful and rewarding over 22 years.  The real reward was the many great friends and relationships which were formed and have been maintained through the years.  When the business was sold in 2008, Barbara was able to return to exploring creative passions!

In 2010, Barb was the first Canadian (and the first Woman) to be awarded Intermediate International Carver of the Year in 2010 by the International Wildfowl Carvers Association. Since then she’s created a series of six educational & fun travel journal activity books featuring each region in Canada – called Colourful Travels.  www.colourfultravels.com   

Barb’s distinctive creatures, inukshuks and trees travel all over the globe;

  • Rosie Q (a dark soapstone bear standing on her hind legs holding a rose quartz heart)  went to Australia with her new “parents” to celebrate the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary –  they wanted something special to remind them of their trip to Canada and their love for each other – Rosie Q was just what they were looking for.
  • A striking black & green stone inukshuk went to Scotland as a very special wedding gift
  • Barney, a marbled black sitting bear, went to Florida to commemorate a special coveted trip to Western Canada
  • Bart, a sitting bear holding skis went to an active dad for display in his Alberta cabin as a birthday gift
  • A magical little bright eyed bear captured the essence of memories of a trip to Haida Gwaii for one woman
  • A very special Aunt and Uncle received a gorgeous, lustrous bear from their nephew.  His gift was in great appreciation of their love and support to him
  • A panel judge of Dragon’s Den purchased a stunning Inukshuk as a special gift