Welcome to Original Stone Art by Barbara Janman!

Barb’s art is influenced by the beautiful forests of Western Canada and the wild creatures who inhabit it’s surrounding landscape.  The swayed trees depict the predominately evergreen forests of the mountains shaped by the chinook winds, the bears and owls are somewhat realistic in their anatomy but invite your imagination to soar and create the character of each joyful piece.  The creatures are round and happy, all enjoying life to the fullest – reflective of the artist’s outlook on life.

Inukshuks are another favorite creation which represent the life of the Canadian Tundra.

Although Barb is an accomplished  and award winning wildfowl carver, she finds working with stone most rewarding.  With each creature and piece she carves, it’s true character, warmth and essence isn’t revealed until she begins working with the stone.  Each stone has a uniqueness – it’s color, texture, cragginess and beautiful veining reveal exquisite and distinctive character.   

Stay, look around and enjoy.

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